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Georgina Riel – Waabishki Mukwa Kwe is a member of the Batchewana First Nations of the Ojibways.

She brings 30 years of experience working with or for the educational system, health care, social service, works with all four levels of government (Federal, Provincial, Municipal and First Nations Urban and Land Base Communities), cultural planner/facilitator. public engagement artist, politics and policy experience, consultant and trainer for anti-racism, Indigenization, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Georgina incorporates her in depth professional experiences and her experiential knowledge into her consulting when working with clients. Georgina’s creativity as a mix media public engagement artist, traditional knowledge caretaker and cultural planner has led to creating innovated cultural resources for branding and filtering out the needs of the community and the business stakeholders to public engagement and at times collaboration.

Georgina has worked for a post secondary U10 as a Director, to enhance the development of the Indigenous academic profile inward and outward facing. To develop a recruitment awareness strategy campaign for Indigenous undergraduate and graduate students. Work with all levels of the university to develop strategic mandates to ensure marketing, communications and curriculum development to meet the university’s standards.

Georgina also brings forth strong leadership experience which has been acknowledged in her, Community Leadership Award from the Ban Righ Centre at Queen’s University and the many Indigenous leadership endeavours she has spearheaded.

Georgina’s work with all levels of government worked emerging initiatives with department leaders, staff, agencies and Indigenous Leaders and activists to better reflect the needs and services. All of this is a commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) as it is reflected throughout parks, schools, public buildings and spaces.

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