About Us

RIEL Cultural Consulting is an internationally recognized First Nations Cultural Consulting Agency specialized in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion from an Indigenous Perspective.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the effectiveness of the 4 Rs: 

Respect- Relationships-Reciprocity-Responsibility. 

As a result of this approach, RIEL Cultural Consulting has led innovative cultural resources, impacting people’s lives through solutions based on a hands on experience.

Our Team

Georgina Riel 

Waabishki Mukwa Kwe

Member of the Batchewana First Nations of the Ojibways

Indigenous Affairs Consultant

Cultural Community Planner, Educator & Artist

Owner/CEO RIEL Cultural Consulting

Miles Riel-Walker

Member of the Batchewana First Nations of the Ojibways 

Area of Specialty: Public and Health policy. Conflict Resolution in the workplace, individual and group conflicts, mediation, negotiation, alternative dispute and how to recover from conflict

Gabriela Alejandra

Castillo Raga

LatinX. Researcher and Digital Content Creator

Area of Specialty: Intersections of Gender, Race and Labour. 

Digital Marketing

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